London play drives home message of value of a majority government

British Columbians voted themselves a majority Liberal government last week, to the surprize of many.

I was reflecting on the value of a majority – whatever the stripe – after seeing a thought-provoking play two days after the election.

This House shone a laser beam on the stalling, machinations, currying of favour and other time-wasters that plague minority governments.

Phil Daniels. Photo by Johan Persson

The play was being performed in London’s West End and was broadcast to theatres around the world via National Theatre Live within hours of hitting the stage.(I watched it in a Burnaby movie theatre.)

The play focused on the party whips – the MPs who are chosen from among their party ranks to find, brief and deliver MPs in sufficient numbers to the house when votes are called. This House demonstrates that the system works, though in a clunky and sometimes decidedly undemocratic way, so a minority government lives to govern another day.

BC won’t have to go through this for the next little while – and that’s a good thing!

The play, meantime, is well worth seeing.


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