Dr Seuss – collected works to form study guide

The Dr Seuss Study Guide - what a great idea. The Bank of England is using Dr Seuss books such as Cat in the Hat as models when training bank staff to write. Seems they found their complicated reports - I'm thinking for example the one that tackled the Quantitative Easing Asset Purchase … [Read more...]

Stephen King writes about writing – author of 60 books generous with tips

I just read a book by Stephen King. There were no plagues, apocalyptic visions or co-eds in possession of terrifying powers. Not even any blood. I read On Writing by Stephen King - A Memoir of the Craft. It's terrific read. The book came out in 2000, a year after a near fatal road accident … [Read more...]

The idea is to spread ideas; two things TED taught me

Ever watched a TED talk? Noticed how they just start right in? I really like that about the series. When Executive Producer June Cohen spoke at South By Southwest she told us that on TED.com they cut straight to the body of the talk to pull people in. "It has to grab you in the first five … [Read more...]

The beginning – when is it a bad place to start?

I just watched an interview with Stephenie (yes, that’s how she spells it) Meyer, the author of the wildly successful Twilight series. Okay, it was on Oprah. I was particularly intrigued by one thing she said. Apparently the series was inspired by a dream she had about a vampire who was in love … [Read more...]