Bidding to have Le Tour in town; complicated yet worthwhile

Local bakers would start baguette production at 1 am. The bar owner opened nine hours earlier than usual and thought she'd make almost half her monthly revenue in one day. The people and business-owners of the French town of Nuits-Saint-Georges had successfully lobbied to have the Tour de France … [Read more...]

From French roadways to your screen; capturing Tour de France a tech triumph

As the owner of two road bikes, I feel it's my duty to watch a little Tour de France each year. Just to see what it's possible to do with these things. The riders perform super-human feats daily for 22 days. It's inspiring. I'm also intrigued by the non-stop live coverage of the event - up to … [Read more...]

Compelling performances at the mike and on the bike during Tour de France – hats off to all

I am not a sports-watcher, except, that is,  for a few days each year during the Tour de France. I like the Tour especially for the announcers - and this year's finish was a delight. A passionate outburst - entirely typical behaviour - from seasoned commentator Carlton Kirby as the winner rolled … [Read more...]

Tibias not the only things that break as the Tour de France continues

Tibias, bikes and hearts - all breaking as the Tour de France winds its way up and down through the European countryside. Bike-maker Specialized suddenly had to deal with a crisis-on-wheels earlier this week -and weathered it well. Here's what happened: Longtime racing favourite Alberto … [Read more...]

Tour de France trivia: technical togs replace sirloin in their shorts

The 100th Tour de France is well underway. What an impressive testament to what human beings can endure! I find it fun to watch, so I've been gathering Tour Trivia: My favorite fact is the Tour de France began as a publicity move by a French sports newspaper. They concocted the idea to up … [Read more...]