Digital always is guiding principle at new innovation lab

A start-up at CBC’s French service, Radio-Canada, is demonstrating diverse ways of innovating from within. RC Lab was created when Xavier Kronström Richard, then working in television news, got inspired by a visit to interactive conference South By Southwest. On his return he went straight to his … [Read more...]

How good news can be news; Don Obe showed us the way

People complain that the media only report bad news. At this time of year-end wraps ups and look-backs I was reminded of one newsman's take on this. Don Obe was an editor, writer and storyteller from the bottle-in-the-desk-drawer era. His career took him from training at Ryerson through news … [Read more...]

Novelty or novel sales tool? Branded storytelling brought to you by Land Rover

It's a new thriller, no wait - it's an ad. Earlier this week British writer William Boyd's latest story appeared as a free download from Amazon. Free, that is, if you don't mind embedded advertising while you read. The story's called The Vanishing Game and it is available as a book or in an … [Read more...]

Loudest Voice in the Room – the formation of Fox News

The Loudest Voice in the Room is a story about Fox News creator Roger Ailes. It's actually a series of stories - 395 pages worth. Like the one about Ailes as a young "prop boy" for the Mike Douglas Show with the weighty task of holding the cue cards for guests - including one Bob Hope. We learn … [Read more...]

Stories in our midst; zooming in teases story out

Ever seen the Craigslist ad that starts: Yoga mat for sale, used once ? It's a story about a dude who tried hot yoga to meet women and departed scorched, humbled and discouraged. A  story. I am entranced by the idea of what makes a good story. I was drawn back into the discussion today at a … [Read more...]