“Trump bump” at the New York Times; readers embrace The Times in a post-truth era

Daily subscriptions to The New York Times have leapt up more than ten times since last month's election of Donald Trump. Some days as many as 10,000 new subscribers hit the buy button. This number was previously more like 600 a day. What's that all about? I have a few theories - listed … [Read more...]

The How of delivering news in 2016; the value of video

Among the many challenges of running a news organization today is determining how to appeal to a mix of generations. I recently read an interview with Dean Baquet, Executive Editor of the New York Times. As the guy in charge of a newspaper in a “post print” era, he wrestles with this regularly. … [Read more...]

David Carr: the future of journalism is bright

David Carr opened his talk at the PuSh Festival by remarking dryly that the organizers had shown "a lack of respect for American folk ways and traditions" by expecting him to speak while the Super Bowl was on. I liked his turn-of-phrase. Carr is media and culture columnist for the New York Times … [Read more...]

Author edges from keyboard to cash register; Ann Patchett builds a bookstore

I loved the novel Bel Canto by Ann Patchett. It's a twisting tale of relationships that grow during a hostage-taking. Ms Patchett grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. Since last year Nashville had been been bereft of bookstores. So the author decided to open one. Like many large cities, Nashville … [Read more...]

Will my iPad kill home delivery of your newspaper?

On March 18th I bought an iPad. I'm thrilled with it. According to Fortune Magazine, as an iPad owner I have lots of company. On release day last month 500,000 people bought an iPad 2. The International Data Corporation reports Apple sold 14 million of the original version. I can read the … [Read more...]