North of 60 newspapers going strong, despite dire news down south

Stop the presses. Recent reports of the shaky state of the newspaper business may apply to the Globe and the Washington Post but newspapers in Canada's north are thriving. On a recent trip to the Yukon I was heartened to hear and read evidence of community papers doing nicely. When you think … [Read more...]

I’d like to pause and remember before we stop the presses

Sometimes, as my yoga class ends and we all lie still on the floor (as we do in yoga class), I hear the printing press on the floor below churning rhythmically. I love this sound. It's a visceral reminder of the roots of my chosen career. I know there are many good reasons we're moving on from the … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Vancouver Sun; hope you’ll be with us for many more

I grew up with The Province newspaper in broadsheet form, delivered to our house in the small hours so my dad could read it before leaving for the office. Over the years I eased over to reading The Vancouver Sun for a variety of reasons. That paper celebrates its 100th birthday today - and I wish … [Read more...]

Will my iPad kill home delivery of your newspaper?

On March 18th I bought an iPad. I'm thrilled with it. According to Fortune Magazine, as an iPad owner I have lots of company. On release day last month 500,000 people bought an iPad 2. The International Data Corporation reports Apple sold 14 million of the original version. I can read the … [Read more...]