The future is now in Montreal daily scene; La Presse surges forward into digital format

To the surprise of many - including apparently the printer - Montreal's daily La Presse announced last week that it will move to a digital-only format every day but Saturday on January 1. As one wag remarked in the comments section of the Globe's coverage, sales of hand soap are sure to drop … [Read more...]

News about newspapers; being read, even by those under 34

A quick note of hope about newspapers. NADbank, the research arm of Canada's print industry, reported last week that "newspaper brands reach more than 70 per cent of Canadians in a typical week". You can bet we aren't all reading get-ink-on-your-fingers copies of the newspaper, but we are reading … [Read more...]

Niche papers in print – here today, here to stay?

A stack of papers called BC Craft Beer News recently caught my eye in a coffee shop. "Free, so buy your friend a pint" it says on the front page. It's an upbeat, 16-page tab all about the "promotion, growth and enjoyment of ... brewing culture in BC". On a road trip in the States last week I … [Read more...]

It’s – 30 – for the Kamloops Daily News

Newspapers are sometimes referred to as the "daily miracle" - so I'm always sad when I hear another is closing. Here in BC, we are losing the Kamloops Daily News after 80 years of producing their daily miracle. I like to think I played an infinitesimal part in the making of that miracle. I did it … [Read more...]

North of 60 newspapers going strong, despite dire news down south

Stop the presses. Recent reports of the shaky state of the newspaper business may apply to the Globe and the Washington Post but newspapers in Canada's north are thriving. On a recent trip to the Yukon I was heartened to hear and read evidence of community papers doing nicely. When you think … [Read more...]