“Better future for news” says former Globe editor Stackhouse

"There's still time, and plenty of reader interest and journalistic resolve, to forge a better future for news." This sanguine view belongs to former Globe & Mail editor John Stackhouse, in Vancouver recently to promote his latest book, Mass Disruption, Thirty Years on the Front Lines of a … [Read more...]

The future is now in Montreal daily scene; La Presse surges forward into digital format

To the surprise of many - including apparently the printer - Montreal's daily La Presse announced last week that it will move to a digital-only format every day but Saturday on January 1. As one wag remarked in the comments section of the Globe's coverage, sales of hand soap are sure to drop … [Read more...]

Getting your MoJo; news orgs incorporating mobile journalism

I met a reporter in Washington, DC  a few years ago who did all his field work on his iPhone. Fascinating. The approach has been gaining momentum - it's efficient, it's cheaper than sending two people (or more) out on stories and many say it leads to better storytelling. The smartphone - in … [Read more...]

News about newspapers; being read, even by those under 34

A quick note of hope about newspapers. NADbank, the research arm of Canada's print industry, reported last week that "newspaper brands reach more than 70 per cent of Canadians in a typical week". You can bet we aren't all reading get-ink-on-your-fingers copies of the newspaper, but we are reading … [Read more...]

“Predatory” publishers provide legit-looking forum to those who pay; Postmedia tries it out

As I continue to prowl around the world of transparency in the new media landscape astonishing things assail me. The latest was a story in the Vancouver Sun late last week about a cardiology journal that buys and publishes any old thing. Experimental & Clinical Cardiology was for 17 years … [Read more...]