Want some healthcare with your pizza? Papa John’s indeed offers both.

I've never tasted Papa John's Pizza - apparently the third largest US pizza chain after Pizza Hut and Domino's  - but Papa John's Pizza has tasted the value of PR. CEO  John Schnatter was recently recipient of some "bad press". He'd hosted a fundraiser for Mitt Romney at the palace that pizza … [Read more...]

Reach out and get quoted in the sport of proactive media relations

I love coming across deliberate acts of media relations. Here's my latest: In story called Trouble @ Twitter in a recent Fortune Magazine the author chronicled the management missteps and frequent fail whales. Moving to what's next, there was this quote from LinkedIn co-founder Reid … [Read more...]

Will my iPad kill home delivery of your newspaper?

On March 18th I bought an iPad. I'm thrilled with it. According to Fortune Magazine, as an iPad owner I have lots of company. On release day last month 500,000 people bought an iPad 2. The International Data Corporation reports Apple sold 14 million of the original version. I can read the … [Read more...]