Some like it hot, but coffee can be delicious cold – here’s how

Vancouver's uncharacteristically - til now - hot weather has propelled me contribute to my occasional coffee series. It's on account of the problem of being a coffee addict when it's hot. Wandering through the Whistler Farmers' Market recently I came upon the coffee/hot weather solution - it was … [Read more...]

Value of social media persists through centuries – “thence to the coffeehouse” for the news

Push open the heavy oak door to a crowded, smoked-laden room. "What news have you?" is the cry that comes up as you settle at a long table scattered with pamphlets, foreign journals, newsletters, smoking paraphernalia and saucers of coffee. This is a 17th-century coffee house and what I'm reading … [Read more...]

Based on book I now get my bean-bounce from Howard’s cafe

Loath as I am to admit it, I've come around. A book did it. I've come around to Starbucks and the book that did it is Onward, How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul - in which CEO Howard Schultz describes his return to the top job and how he guided the company through a … [Read more...]

But will the French like it? More on coffee

Was excited to see a neat little bit of news about innovation in the coffee world in Darren Barefoot's blog the other day - it's the SmartCup Xpress Lid. You order coffee and get a disposable/recyclable lid, rod and press - ta-da - single-use french press coffee where ever you are. Darren says … [Read more...]

Coffee Chronicles Two – to go is a no go, when we’re talking espresso

We were in a rush – or so we thought. I dashed into the coffee shop near our Kelowna hotel and ordered a double espresso – “to go please” I added. The owner appeared out of nowhere. “I'm sorry but no,” he said. I was a bit startled. He went on: “You can't take espresso to go – you have to drink … [Read more...]