Summer Night Market – go for the people-watching, stay for the potatoes

We read good things about it in the paper – so off we went.

Ahh the power of a good media review. My husband and I found ourselves at the Summer Night Market on the weekend based on this review in the Vancouver Sun. And I’m glad we did.

First stop was Hurricane Potatoes. These are a treat. They’re fried-but-not-greasy, full of flavour and fun to eat. Next, through the sea of humanity, to Sumo Bites.

I noticed they had a laminated copy of the Vancouver Sun review prominently displayed. I love it when I see this – it reminds me of the value of media relations.

Sumo Bites serve mini burgers in a rice bun. Unusual and really tasty.

It’s a fun adventure for a summer evening. Felt a lot like being in Asia – but with health inspectors.

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