Upbeat PR brings tech and innovation to media relations

I recently came across a company that’s bringing innovation to media relations. Imagine!

Upbeat PR from San Francisco make and manage PR pitches – anything to help this process go better is worth a look in my opinion!

innovation in media relaations

Here’s how Upbeat’s approach works: Clients and potential clients send Upbeat their stories – and Upbeat assesses them on their likelihood to succeed. Only about 25% are accepted.

The company uses their own algorithm to match the pitch to the right journalists, taking into account the reporters’ recent stories, tweets and how that person reacted to earlier pitches.

The next phases is the part I really liked. It goes like this:

  • An email pitch goes out to the targeted journalist
  • From within the pitch email the recipient can say whether or not they are interested
  • If they hit ‘yes’ they are taken straight to a landing page displaying the CEO (or other spokesperson)’s email and phone number so they can connect directly
  • Also on this site are news releases, images and other info reporters will need
  • Another setting invites the reporter to choose from a list of possible interview times
  • Once they click on a time they receive a calendar confirmation including a number to call for the interview.

The time saved! The frustration side-stepped! No PR person agonizing then sending the annoying “did-you-get-my-email?” message we – and reporters – hate.

Upbeat PR tracks reporters’ work closely – which could seem creepy. But when handled well, this actually prevents wasting reporters’ time with off-base pitches.

I liked this example quoting CEO Ricky Yean in Techcrunch:

“Rather than pitching you about diapers because of that one article you wrote in 2010 about the Diapers.com acquisition, Upbeat uses natural language processing to understand that you likely wrote about it because it was a big acquisition.”

A story in Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab newsletter says Upbeat has 300 clients. Each pays $800 a year which includes one PR campaign. Clients pay $500 for each additional campaign.

But hang on – media relations is all about relationships between media and PR people – right? At Upbeat they hope to nurture the relationships they have in the same way over time.

It all comes down to encouraging reporters to open our emails.

Media relations is on shifting and unpredictable ground right now.  I wish Upbeat well with their innovative approach.



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