Dr Seuss – collected works to form study guide

The Dr Seuss Study Guide – what a great idea.

The Bank of England is using Dr Seuss books such as Cat in the Hat as models when training bank staff to write.

Dr Seuss Study Guide aids in clear language lessons

Seems they found their complicated reports – I’m thinking for example the one that tackled the Quantitative Easing Asset Purchase Programme  – were only understood by about one in five people. Time to move to simpler language and shorter words.

To help the bank roll out this new approach I have, at no charge to the British taxpayer, prepared copy for the media section of the Bank of England’s website:

We’re the boss of the banks

Don’t doubt us, it’s true!

We set interest rates

Every month – right on cue.

We are working on Brexit

And new five pound notes.

If you want to know more

Ask Mark Carney for quotes.

You know, I think many organizations would benefit from the Dr Seuss Study Guide!





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