Big Sugar hired a PR firm; we now eat 100 pounds of it a year

I went into the documentary Sugar Coated thinking I'd be coming straight home and dumping out the sugar bowl. Instead I had a piece of dark chocolate while mulling over how public relations can be used irresponsibly. The 90-minute doc, directed by Toronto's Michelle Hozer, was less about the evils … [Read more...]

Fire rips through dragon boat facility; the making of a media plan

A week ago today, in the early hours of Sunday, October 5th, fire swept through the Dragonzone Paddling Club trailer and storage containers on False Creek. TV cameras arrived while the fire was still burning - it was the classic TV story after all. Flames leaping high into a dark sky, unknown … [Read more...]

Tips for “Torts”; new Canucks coach brings media baggage

Coach Tortorella, Welcome to Vancouver! Congratulations on your new job as head coach for the Canucks. Was that you calling for media advice a few minutes ago? Sorry I missed you. To save you calling back, a few pointers: I know it's hockey, but drop the swearing. It's unprofessional and a … [Read more...]

I’d like to pause and remember before we stop the presses

Sometimes, as my yoga class ends and we all lie still on the floor (as we do in yoga class), I hear the printing press on the floor below churning rhythmically. I love this sound. It's a visceral reminder of the roots of my chosen career. I know there are many good reasons we're moving on from the … [Read more...]

A pink flower to remember; Abreast In A Boat grieves, supports, carries on

It was the single pink rose floating in False Creek with a piece of paper attached to the stem that really got me. "Oh, there's a name written on there, in memory of someone specific," said my seat-mate, who had invited me to this event. We were paddling a dragon boat back to the dock after … [Read more...]