Deep Work touts value of concentration in a tweet-happy world

Here's a telling challenge - can I sit and write a blog post about Cal Newport's book Deep Work, Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World without letting myself get distracted? Here's one of his premises - we have become so habituated to quick bursts of stimulation that as soon as things … [Read more...]

Stories create compelling interviews; neuroscience tell us so

Human beings love stories. It's so much easier and more interesting to learn something new if a story illustrates the topic. This applies when talking to the media as well - the media being made up of human beings! The art of storytelling helps us remember and learn. Neuroscientists tell us … [Read more...]

Stick to your message, offer solutions, advertise with care. Victors in transport vote tell all

Just when you'd happily forgotten all about it, Vancouver's transit plebiscite has resurfaced. It has brought with it some lessons in clear communication. The plebiscite is back in the form of a book by the leaders of the victorious "no" campaign. I think the book is intriguing for its pointers … [Read more...]

Stephen King writes about writing – author of 60 books generous with tips

I just read a book by Stephen King. There were no plagues, apocalyptic visions or co-eds in possession of terrifying powers. Not even any blood. I read On Writing by Stephen King - A Memoir of the Craft. It's terrific read. The book came out in 2000, a year after a near fatal road accident … [Read more...]

Some like it hot, but coffee can be delicious cold – here’s how

Vancouver's uncharacteristically - til now - hot weather has propelled me contribute to my occasional coffee series. It's on account of the problem of being a coffee addict when it's hot. Wandering through the Whistler Farmers' Market recently I came upon the coffee/hot weather solution - it was … [Read more...]