Government pix prevail in world of depleted newsrooms, reduced access for media

Get this: when Brian Mulroney was Prime Minister, the only pic his official photographer regularly distributed was the Mulroney family Christmas card. The photographer's role was to gather and document material for posterity. My how times have changed. PM Justin Trudeau's official … [Read more...]

Deep Work touts value of concentration in a tweet-happy world

Here's a telling challenge - can I sit and write a blog post about Cal Newport's book Deep Work, Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World without letting myself get distracted? Here's one of his premises - we have become so habituated to quick bursts of stimulation that as soon as things … [Read more...]

Digital pioneer Arianna Huffington moves on; lessons from HuffPo

New media vanguard Arianna Huffington is leaving the digital media business she founded to expand her wellness venture. It was only 11 years ago - 2005 - that she launched the Huffington Post. "HuffPo" jolted the traditional news media awake with its digital deluge of news, not-quite-news, … [Read more...]

Manipulation of social media channels will bring blowback: Ryan Holiday part 2

I can't say I enjoyed Ryan Holiday's Trust Me, I'm Lying, but I also can't stop thinking about it. After outlining the extend of his media manipulation (his words) in the first half, he spends part two of the book explaining why he regrets what he did and theorizing on the extent of the … [Read more...]

Review: Trust Me, I’m Lying – frightening revelations on media manipulation

Astonished. My reaction as I read Ryan Holiday's book Trust Me, I'm Lying; Confessions of a Media Manipulator. In fact I put it down in disgust a couple of times. Bribe, write inflammatory headlines that aren't true, tell outright lies. That's the author's advice on how to get things in the … [Read more...]