Mandela – personal reflections after emerging from his country

We left Johannesburg on November 30th; five days later Nelson Mandela died. Volumes have been written analysing the life and contributions of the man they called "Madiba" - I won't add to that. What I do have is I have is a few images and impressions I gathered during three weeks we recently … [Read more...]

I’m an email ninja – the road to the placid state of Inbox Zero

There - I did it. Inbox Zero.  Impressed? I can't stop admiring it - such a rare and satisfying sight. This is far from my normal state-of-affairs, by the way, but even to get here occasionally has merit in my opinion. One of my favorite descriptions of email is "someone else's idea about what … [Read more...]

Imbued with insouciance; trying to use beautiful English words

I just came across a beguiling list - 100 Most Beautiful Words in the English Language. (Beguiling is not on it, but I think it should be.) The word list is beguiling because in my opinion it draws you in and makes you want to say - then use - all of … [Read more...]

Fringe Fest: angst, agility and imagination in Shattered

You gotta love the Fringe Festival. As I read somewhere making the most of The Fringe takes stamina and a good guide. Fringe Festivals - there are dozens around the world now - were born of the Edinburgh Fringe which itself was an offshoot of the Edinburgh International Festival where, … [Read more...]

Ascendancy of cute no longer moot

If you thought for a fleeting moment we didn't have enough studies in our midst, be assured another has appeared. It's a cute study. A team of US researchers dug into "the concept of cute as it applies to retail" said a recent Vancouver Sun story. Apparently a prof at Cleveland State University … [Read more...]