How good news can be news; Don Obe showed us the way

People complain that the media only report bad news. At this time of year-end wraps ups and look-backs I was reminded of one newsman's take on this. Don Obe was an editor, writer and storyteller from the bottle-in-the-desk-drawer era. His career took him from training at Ryerson through news … [Read more...]

No one knew a newel post like Mike Nichols

My step-daughter was using the phrase newel post at the age of six. And we have Mike Nichols to thank for that. The actor, producer, director and comedian died last month at 83.  In the media coverage that followed I learned that he'd directed movies like The Graduate, Working Girl, Silkwood and … [Read more...]

Loving our Library of Parliament; check it out if you can

Almost everyone had the same reaction as they entered - they paused, looked up and gasped. I had just done the same thing as I entered the library in Canada's Parliament Buildings on a recent visit to Ottawa. The room is stunning - vaulted ceiling, high book-lined walls, stained glass windows … [Read more...]

Value of social media persists through centuries – “thence to the coffeehouse” for the news

Push open the heavy oak door to a crowded, smoked-laden room. "What news have you?" is the cry that comes up as you settle at a long table scattered with pamphlets, foreign journals, newsletters, smoking paraphernalia and saucers of coffee. This is a 17th-century coffee house and what I'm reading … [Read more...]

I’m a bit late to the Purim party this year

I noticed that the lovely Jewish holiday of Purim has just been and gone - it was March 15th and 16th. It commemorates the Jews escaping from the Persian empire with the help of brave Queen Esther. A few years ago I was part of a Purim Spiel which is an event to mark the escape - a ton of fun. … [Read more...]