Real news costs money; paying to subscribe will aid ailing industry

These are tough times for the news biz. $50 million over five years toward newsrooms in “underserved” communities was promised in last week’s federal budget. It’s not enough - not a fraction of what News Media Canada and others had suggested for the beleaguered news business. Some argue it’s not … [Read more...]

Think before you pink; PR for breast cancer research off the rails, urges us to weigh donation options

Have pink ribbons become a distraction? I recently worked with a wonderful group of women who had all had breast cancer. There was plenty of pink - in keeping with the pink ribbon, let's-eradicate-breast-cancer movement that sprung up in the last few decades. I am happy to see them supporting … [Read more...]

Tech changes drive typing changes; why one space must follow a period, not two

Tell me you don't leave two spaces after a period. Because that, as they say, is over. I can't remember exactly when I switched - something about going from typewriters to computers. I was recently wondering why we made the change. Wouldn't you know there are a few theories out … [Read more...]

Making my point – about exclamation points. Proceed with caution

Many years ago a wise mentor told me, "use exclamation points as though you only get one in your life. Is this the time you want to use it?" It's a fun piece of advice. I've often paused as my little finger reached to type the controversial mark - is this the time? The department of … [Read more...]

Tale of a shopping spree, a dishrack and how you can help Cuban musicians

I was in Cuba in February. I dipped into an engaging ongoing enterprize that brings musical instruments to that country. I went with  a group called CUBAbility. One of their current projects is gathering instruments in the Toronto area, renting and filling a shipping container and sending it to … [Read more...]