Upbeat PR brings tech and innovation to media relations

I recently came across a company that's bringing innovation to media relations. Imagine! Upbeat PR from San Francisco make and manage PR pitches - anything to help this process go better is worth a look in my opinion! Here's how Upbeat's approach works: Clients and potential clients send … [Read more...]

Making news without a news release

Press releases - who needs them? Well, not nearly as many of us as did 20 years ago. The value of this poor misunderstood publicity tool is widely debated these days. I am reminded of this whenever a client says "just do us a press release".  It might not be a great idea - and here's why: To … [Read more...]

Stories create compelling interviews; neuroscience tell us so

Human beings love stories. It's so much easier and more interesting to learn something new if a story illustrates the topic. This applies when talking to the media as well - the media being made up of human beings! The art of storytelling helps us remember and learn. Neuroscientists tell us … [Read more...]

Strategy is key when fighting fires – whether in the woods or at Ashley Madison

It’s been a summer of fighting fires here on the west coast. Our travels took us through BC's Okanagan, to Whistler and then to the Sierra Mountains of California. In all three places the air was fetid with ash and smoke - and crews were doing the dirty, dangerous work of fighting the blazes for … [Read more...]

Review: Trust Me, I’m Lying – frightening revelations on media manipulation

Astonished. My reaction as I read Ryan Holiday's book Trust Me, I'm Lying; Confessions of a Media Manipulator. In fact I put it down in disgust a couple of times. Bribe, write inflammatory headlines that aren't true, tell outright lies. That's the author's advice on how to get things in the … [Read more...]