North of 60 newspapers going strong, despite dire news down south

Stop the presses. Recent reports of the shaky state of the newspaper business may apply to the Globe and the Washington Post but newspapers in Canada's north are thriving. On a recent trip to the Yukon I was heartened to hear and read evidence of community papers doing nicely. When you think … [Read more...]

To err is human, to correct takes a copy editor

I was called by a fact-checker today. What a treat! But I felt as though I'd fallen into a time machine. The media world has undergone such drastic cuts recently these poor folks didn't stand a chance. Except the one who called me, apparently. I am going to read any story that begins with … [Read more...]

David Carr: the future of journalism is bright

David Carr opened his talk at the PuSh Festival by remarking dryly that the organizers had shown "a lack of respect for American folk ways and traditions" by expecting him to speak while the Super Bowl was on. I liked his turn-of-phrase. Carr is media and culture columnist for the New York Times … [Read more...]

DC’s Newseum offers gripping gallop through the history of making news

I saw a piece of the original Berlin Wall, the inside of the Unabomber's cabin and the notorious and incorrect "Dewey Defeats Truman" 1948 newspaper headline. I was visiting a place called the Newseum in Washington, DC and I had a blast. Billed as an interactive museum "where five centuries of … [Read more...]