Red cups raise red flags at Starbucks – crisis handled through tactful toning down

Have you seen Starbucks' holiday cups this year? If not, you will soon - I spotted one on the treadmill beside mine today at the gym. 'Tis the season. The cups are attractive - a vibrant crimson colour, nicely contrasting their green mermaid logo. Sounds good, right? Nope - not good. … [Read more...]

Some like it hot, but coffee can be delicious cold – here’s how

Vancouver's uncharacteristically - til now - hot weather has propelled me contribute to my occasional coffee series. It's on account of the problem of being a coffee addict when it's hot. Wandering through the Whistler Farmers' Market recently I came upon the coffee/hot weather solution - it was … [Read more...]

Value of social media persists through centuries – “thence to the coffeehouse” for the news

Push open the heavy oak door to a crowded, smoked-laden room. "What news have you?" is the cry that comes up as you settle at a long table scattered with pamphlets, foreign journals, newsletters, smoking paraphernalia and saucers of coffee. This is a 17th-century coffee house and what I'm reading … [Read more...]