When do you listen to public radio? Likely not in your self-driving car

Will self-driving cars kill public radio? Or at least do it some serious harm? On a recent trip to Arizona I kept watching for a driverless car to sail by - but no luck. The state's straight roads and consistent, balmy weather have made it a natural choice for companies like Google, Intel and GM … [Read more...]

Crisis management – kudos to CBC radio for facing facts as Shad takes the chair at Q

Nice work, CBC! I imagine several members of CBC's management and PR team were glad when last week was over. The corp has selected and introduced a new host for the embattled radio program Q. They spent several inglorious months picking up the pieces after host Jian Ghomeshi's shocking departure. … [Read more...]

Internship a valuable step-up in journalism world; make positions short-term or paid

They went away - but now they're back and I'm glad. I'm talking about magazine interns. A few months ago, amid much garment-rending about exploitation and labour law infractions, two Ontario magazines were ordered to stop using unpaid interns. The same story is unfolding across the country in … [Read more...]