The beginning – when is it a bad place to start?

I just watched an interview with Stephenie (yes, that’s how she spells it) Meyer, the author of the wildly successful Twilight series. Okay, it was on Oprah. I was particularly intrigued by one thing she said. Apparently the series was inspired by a dream she had about a vampire who was in love … [Read more...]

Balloon Boy + Berlin 1936 – media coverage through the years

This past week I've been considering (again) how media is changing and whether or not it's working for us. One of my clients has just opening an exhibit - More Than just Games; Canada and the 1936 Olympics. ( It is a fascinating look at Canada's part in the Olympics held in Nazi Germany … [Read more...]

Flu warnings gotcha down? A call to use surprize in our promos.

"Tired of apocalyptic health warnings? Is washing your hands 30 times a day damaging your skin? Are you feeling stigmatized any time you cough or sneeze? If you answer "yes" to any of the above, you need to be at the Boulevard Casino in Coquitlam Friday and Saturday night..." That's a post on … [Read more...]

"There I was, sitting by the pickle barrel" – how Twitter helped Ford avert a crisis

Wonderful to meet Shel Israel last night at Third Tuesday here in Vancouver. I spoke to him and found him unassuming, funny and helpful. Shel was in town to promote his book Twitterville. I like his approach - he's not telling readers how to use Twitter. Instead it it's … [Read more...]

1 800 I AM VEXD

I guess they were a Good Idea At The Time - but last week I ran afoul of a phone number expressed as a word. It must have been the heat. It strikes me that smart phones and speed dial have made these mnemonics into communication tools well past their prime. There I was in downtown Vancouver, late … [Read more...]