The short life of The New Day; we can learn from innovative newspaper that closed after two months


Some people still believe in print journalism. Good for them I say. UK newspaper publisher Trinity Mirror, is among the believers. Although they may have tempered their enthusiasm recently. In February Trinity Mirror launched The New Day, a 40-page daily aimed at women ages 35 to 55 in … [Read more...]

Making news without a news release

news release

Press releases - who needs them? Well, not nearly as many of us as did 20 years ago. The value of this poor misunderstood publicity tool is widely debated these days. I am reminded of this whenever a client says "just do us a press release".  It might not be a great idea - and here's why: To … [Read more...]

Stories create compelling interviews; neuroscience tell us so

elvis grave

Human beings love stories. It's so much easier and more interesting to learn something new if a story illustrates the topic. This applies when talking to the media as well - the media being made up of human beings! The art of storytelling helps us remember and learn. Neuroscientists tell us … [Read more...]

Making my point – about exclamation points. Proceed with caution


Many years ago a wise mentor told me, "use exclamation points as though you only get one in your life. Is this the time you want to use it?" It's a fun piece of advice. I've often paused as my little finger reached to type the controversial mark - is this the time? The department of … [Read more...]

Stick to your message, offer solutions, advertise with care. Victors in transport vote tell all

translink book

Just when you'd happily forgotten all about it, Vancouver's transit plebiscite has resurfaced. It has brought with it some lessons in clear communication. The plebiscite is back in the form of a book by the leaders of the victorious "no" campaign. I think the book is intriguing for its pointers … [Read more...]