From French roadways to your screen; capturing Tour de France a tech triumph

bike camera

As the owner of two road bikes, I feel it's my duty to watch a little Tour de France each year. Just to see what it's possible to do with these things. The riders perform super-human feats daily for 22 days. It's inspiring. I'm also intrigued by the non-stop live coverage of the event - up to … [Read more...]

Think before you pink; PR for breast cancer research off the rails, urges us to weigh donation options


Have pink ribbons become a distraction? I recently worked with a wonderful group of women who had all had breast cancer. There was plenty of pink - in keeping with the pink ribbon, let's-eradicate-breast-cancer movement that sprung up in the last few decades. I am happy to see them supporting … [Read more...]

Tech changes drive typing changes; why one space must follow a period, not two


Tell me you don't leave two spaces after a period. Because that, as they say, is over. I can't remember exactly when I switched - something about going from typewriters to computers. I was recently wondering why we made the change. Wouldn't you know there are a few theories out … [Read more...]

The short life of The New Day; we can learn from innovative newspaper that closed after two months


Some people still believe in print journalism. Good for them I say. UK newspaper publisher Trinity Mirror, is among the believers. Although they may have tempered their enthusiasm recently. In February Trinity Mirror launched The New Day, a 40-page daily aimed at women ages 35 to 55 in … [Read more...]

Making news without a news release

news release

Press releases - who needs them? Well, not nearly as many of us as did 20 years ago. The value of this poor misunderstood publicity tool is widely debated these days. I am reminded of this whenever a client says "just do us a press release".  It might not be a great idea - and here's why: To … [Read more...]