Spotlight is ‘nerdy process movie’ that shines light on hard-working hacks

spotlight movie

Spotlight is a gripping portrayal of the Boston Globe's erratic-yet-dogged progress toward uncovering a sex scandal within that city's Catholic church. While I wasn't fond of the the story it related, I loved the way it told the tale. The movie relates how this revealing, Pulitzer-prize winning … [Read more...]

Red cups raise red flags at Starbucks – crisis handled through tactful toning down

evolution of Starbucks' cups

Have you seen Starbucks' holiday cups this year? If not, you will soon - I spotted one on the treadmill beside mine today at the gym. 'Tis the season. The cups are attractive - a vibrant crimson colour, nicely contrasting their green mermaid logo. Sounds good, right? Nope - not good. … [Read more...]

Stephen King writes about writing – author of 60 books generous with tips

king edits

I just read a book by Stephen King. There were no plagues, apocalyptic visions or co-eds in possession of terrifying powers. Not even any blood. I read On Writing by Stephen King - A Memoir of the Craft. It's terrific read. The book came out in 2000, a year after a near fatal road accident … [Read more...]

The future is now in Montreal daily scene; La Presse surges forward into digital format

la presse

To the surprise of many - including apparently the printer - Montreal's daily La Presse announced last week that it will move to a digital-only format every day but Saturday on January 1. As one wag remarked in the comments section of the Globe's coverage, sales of hand soap are sure to drop … [Read more...]

Strategy is key when fighting fires – whether in the woods or at Ashley Madison

fire fighting

It’s been a summer of fighting fires here on the west coast. Our travels took us through BC's Okanagan, to Whistler and then to the Sierra Mountains of California. In all three places the air was fetid with ash and smoke - and crews were doing the dirty, dangerous work of fighting the blazes for … [Read more...]