The future is now in Montreal daily scene; La Presse surges forward into digital format

la presse

To the surprise of many - including apparently the printer - Montreal's daily La Presse announced last week that it will move to a digital-only format every day but Saturday on January 1. As one wag remarked in the comments section of the Globe's coverage, sales of hand soap are sure to drop … [Read more...]

Strategy is key when fighting fires – whether in the woods or at Ashley Madison

fire fighting

It’s been a summer of fighting fires here on the west coast. Our travels took us through BC's Okanagan, to Whistler and then to the Sierra Mountains of California. In all three places the air was fetid with ash and smoke - and crews were doing the dirty, dangerous work of fighting the blazes for … [Read more...]

Compelling performances at the mike and on the bike during Tour de France – hats off to all

Chris Froome in final stage of Tour de France 2015

I am not a sports-watcher, except, that is,  for a few days each year during the Tour de France. I like the Tour especially for the announcers - and this year's finish was a delight. A passionate outburst - entirely typical behaviour - from seasoned commentator Carlton Kirby as the winner rolled … [Read more...]

Some like it hot, but coffee can be delicious cold – here’s how

Vancouver's uncharacteristically - til now - hot weather has propelled me contribute to my occasional coffee series. It's on account of the problem of being a coffee addict when it's hot. Wandering through the Whistler Farmers' Market recently I came upon the coffee/hot weather solution - it was … [Read more...]

Bridge pose – BC Libs didn’t read audience, do homework before ill-fated yoga fete

Don't be thinking yoga and politics never cross paths. In the close to 20 years I've done yoga I've seen plenty of politics on and near the mats. This week's fracas over the awkwardly named Yoga Om the Bridge in Vancouver was a fascinating blend of the two - with some crisis communications thrown … [Read more...]