PR involvement key in all steps of events; The Martian movie shows how

PR person Annie Montrose is a part of NASA's decision-making process throughout the crisis

It's almost Oscar time. What better excuse to weigh in on how PR shows up in the movies? My favourite depiction on PR in action is in The Martian. The movie is about disaster on a manned visit to Mars. A storm blows up while the crew are roaming around on the surface of the red planet. They … [Read more...]

Star nixes comments; can you blame them?

keep calm comments

There used to be a twitter account called @avoidcomments. Unlike comments, it's a great read, with tweets like: Were truer words ever spoken? At the end of their monitoring tether, the folks at the Toronto Star acted on this unhappy state of affairs earlier this week by announcing they were … [Read more...]

“Better future for news” says former Globe editor Stackhouse

stackhouse optimistic about digital age

"There's still time, and plenty of reader interest and journalistic resolve, to forge a better future for news." This sanguine view belongs to former Globe & Mail editor John Stackhouse, in Vancouver recently to promote his latest book, Mass Disruption, Thirty Years on the Front Lines of a … [Read more...]

Spotlight is ‘nerdy process movie’ that shines light on hard-working hacks

spotlight movie

Spotlight is a gripping portrayal of the Boston Globe's erratic-yet-dogged progress toward uncovering a sex scandal within that city's Catholic church. While I wasn't fond of the the story it related, I loved the way it told the tale. The movie relates how this revealing, Pulitzer-prize winning … [Read more...]

Red cups raise red flags at Starbucks – crisis handled through tactful toning down

evolution of Starbucks' cups

Have you seen Starbucks' holiday cups this year? If not, you will soon - I spotted one on the treadmill beside mine today at the gym. 'Tis the season. The cups are attractive - a vibrant crimson colour, nicely contrasting their green mermaid logo. Sounds good, right? Nope - not good. … [Read more...]