Intimations on the Information Age – What Would Google Do?

I really could not put this book down. Loved it. Jeff Jarvis, in What Would Google Do? writes with a conversational, almost intimate style that kept me engaged - at times laughing - as he portrayed the admiration he has for Google without being cloying. The book’s about more than just Google – it’s … [Read more...]

Bike blog blows up in la Belle Province

It’s a bike – it’s a taxi – it’s a Bixi. I was in Montreal visiting my sister and her family a week ago and they couldn’t wait to show us their city’s newest feature – Bixi bikes. Not only was the system fun to learn about and try, but to add to the merriment, the launch included a blogging … [Read more...]

This Crowd is Not a Madding Crowd

Continuing my theme of great books on social media – or on the state of things in general – recently I found Clay Shirky’s treatise on crowdsourcing called Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations. I found this book engaging and easy to read. It opens with an entertaining … [Read more...]

Get Naked!

The world of media and PR is shifting. As a PR person who specializes in media relations I find this fascinating. Given these shifts, how can I be sure I am giving my clients the best advice on getting their messages out? To learn more I have, among other things, become mildly obsessed with books on … [Read more...]