Oil companies must communicate more clearly to leave cell in your vehicle when gassing up

Using a cell phone and pumping gas can be a lethal combination. I get the feeling many people don't know this. I thought it was an urban myth when I first heard it. But my husband, who works for a Major Oil Company, explained why this is indeed dangerous. A cell phone that's powered up gives off an … [Read more...]

Tour Coverage – Fact or Fable?

We're on vacation with our bicycles, so with cycling on the brain and some down time, my husband and I have been watching the Tour de France. I've discovered some fun stuff about how the Tour is covered. I know of two versions of the Tour's origin – that it was started by newspapers in the early … [Read more...]

Tales the Dragons Told

This is my 10th year as Communications Manager for Vancouver’s Dragon Boat Festival. www.dragonboatbc.ca This gig is tons of work and tons of fun. Ours is the largest dragon boat festival outside Hong Kong. More than 4,000 paddlers take part along with about 100,000 visitors. Dozens of media – … [Read more...]

Intimations on the Information Age – What Would Google Do?

I really could not put this book down. Loved it. Jeff Jarvis, in What Would Google Do? writes with a conversational, almost intimate style that kept me engaged - at times laughing - as he portrayed the admiration he has for Google without being cloying. The book’s about more than just Google – it’s … [Read more...]

Bike blog blows up in la Belle Province

It’s a bike – it’s a taxi – it’s a Bixi. I was in Montreal visiting my sister and her family a week ago and they couldn’t wait to show us their city’s newest feature – Bixi bikes. Not only was the system fun to learn about and try, but to add to the merriment, the launch included a blogging … [Read more...]